Who are we?

We are – as the word „easy“ – indicates, a cat club for all those interested in breeding cats, attending shows and living with cats. The club promotes simple and uncomplicated ways to support and help interested breeders and owner of purebred/pedigree cats and domestic cats anytime and in any way possible.
The pedigrees are issued with all required registrations numbers by our own breeding book office and the responsible breeding inspector. For the welfare and interest of our animals we fully respect the Animal Welface Act in all it's aspects and not - as it is common in other clubs - how the Executive Board would like it to be.
We are an organization registering all purebred cats and in the process automatically assigning a ECCE-Number to their off-spring.


ECCE cats may attend cat shows prior to breeding but this is not mandatory.


Welcome !


Our experienced Senior Breeders will always help the Junior Breeders (Beginner) get the support they need to successfully breed and maintain the high standards our club has not only when it comes to breeding but also the welfare of our cats. But we aren't here for breeders only - every person interested in cats (past, present and future) is welcome to our club and can rest assured, that they find a sympathetic ear for their questions, problems and concerns.
At occasional meetings we love to get to know you and each other - having a great chat amongst cat lovers, no matter if it is at a summer festival or the christmas party.
We don't want and we don't need strict hierachies - although the club needs an external representation we appreciate active members who share their experiences and knowledge, who support new and long-time members. Because we are a community with a common interest and share our love for the felines.

Curious yet? ...we are already looking forward to seeing you!


Anton Rehberger
Präsident des ECCE